Express Direct at Brigham-Gill Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram

Factory Order with EXPRESS DIRECT from Brigham-Gill CDJR, customers speaking with salesperson at a car dealership

Factory Order your car and save!

With new vehicle inventory low around the region, one way to ensure you get the vehicle you want is to order Express Direct from Brigham-Gill. We order a vehicle with your exact specifications (color, trim, body style, options, etc) and the factory puts it at the front of the line. They build it just like normal and ship it to us, typically in half the time as orders for inventory!

Here’s how it works:

  • Work with a sales consultant to spec out a vehicle exactly the way you want it equipped.
  • You get the Best Price First competitive pricing you expect from Brigham Gill. You still get to take advantage of the factory rebates.
  • We keep you informed of your vehicle’s progress through the build process with updates straight from the factory. Not only do sold orders usually get built in half the time of orders for inventory, but when your vehicle gets close we can have the trucking company single it out for quicker delivery from the rail yard or distribution center.
  • Using Express Direct gets you the car you want whether or not we have it on our lot. With many of our vehicles presold before they even arrive, this is a big advantage.
  • Your sales consultant will act as a personal concierge to assist you throughout the buying process once the vehicle arrives.
  • Many customers are taking advantage of this program. We have been ordering cars this way for customers with great results!

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